How does SEO work

How does SEO work

1. How does SEO work

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Search. Engine. Optimize. Well, it sounds like a moto for a company, doesn’t it? In fact it is a web strategy. The point is to get your web-page onto the top of search results. Let’s find out how it works.


2. What is SEO

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Search Engine Optimization is a method of leading a user to something they are searching for. Search result isn’t given by luck, it is strictly determined. The user might feel free in the variety of choice. But surely, if they have found what they were looking for, it’s because of perfect keyword clusters being put on the right places. An experienced copywriter made it possible. His job is to keep an online source on a leading edge.
A true SEO specialist can be compared to a partisan who fights against the system. Just as partisans defend their symbols and shrines, fighting against a mighty enemy, in the same way a professional text creator makes everything dependent on him for search advancement. Partisans often sacrifice their lives in real battles and SEO maker does whatever it takes to deceive a digital algorithm. Partisans can fight against the social system; specialist in optimization is struggling with the searching one. The system itself is something that works flawlessly, so it is impossible to defeat it, you can only fool it for a while until this system does not self-perfect. That’s why there are two essential points about it: skill improvement and comprehensive approach to search engine marketing.
Still curious what is SEO? Read further!

3. Level of customer service

There are two kinds of it
Onsite – the content of a website
targeting the best keyword clusters (in this context a word means a search request)
matching existing content to target specific keyword clusters
creating unique and special concepts so that keyword clusters would fit it
improving the website infrastructure and architecture

Offsite SEO reflects how a website is referred to from other sources. It includes:
developing a high quality profile in social media, modernization of incoming links,
being active and always present there, in the network
creating non-linking references about your project (well, it’s more about social media marketing and public relations than SEO, but let it be)
at least half of your SEO outcomes are influenced by elements outside your direct control

Where’s the hitch?
You’ve made up a website, filled it with content, launched a campaign in AdWords, bought links on the machine (or someone did it for you), but the results are not impressive? Simply the site is not ready for sales yet. The basic semantic core is 10% of success. Perhaps, even more. You can create a set of keywords without a thorough analysis of the search demand. But this will not force the site to make a profit. The key to success is marketing strategy. Gradual connection of various marketing channels brings stability. Traffic’s increasing, positions are growing, and conversion becomes more intense. And sales as a result!
After all, is this exactly what you need? Are you at a loss what to chose, fast traffic, cheap traffic or the one of high quality?
Focusing on the current statistics attendance, choose any two characteristics and get… Growth of the target audience on the site!

The double up in traffic may take and 3, and 6 months, and more. Increase in 100% conversion can take 1 week. The result is one – sales growth 2 times. That’s why you need an analyst. As a result: the correct strategy, operational decision-making, teamwork both ours and your employees, analysis results and adjustment of the course.


The result is the growth of your profit.

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